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Vocational English Training

Discover English for Specific Purposes with schoolobe

schoolobe Enter the world of language skills in your field of expertise in a professional way with Professional English Programs. Specially designed to meet the needs of various sectors, ESP (English for Special Purpose) courses enable English skills to be perfected in specific professional fields.

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ETS (Educational Testing Service) is the producer of TOEFL and TOEIC Tests.

Aviation English

Medical English

Tourism English

English at work

Academic English

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Aviation English (ICAO Level 4): Fly high to the stringent standards of ICAO Level 4 with the Aviation English program. Prepare with acuity and confidence in communicating in the aviation industry.

Medical English: Acquire effective language skills in the field of healthcare with the Medical English program. Develop your effective communication skills in medical settings to ensure clarity and accuracy in professional interactions.

Tourism English: Enter the world of hospitality with the special English program. Learn the language subtleties required to provide advanced standards of service in the tourism industry.

English in the Workplace: Upgrade your workplace communication skills with the English in the Workplace program. Gain the language proficiency necessary for success in professional environments.

Academic English: Lay the foundation for academic success. Develop the language skills necessary to excel in English-speaking institutions and international academic environments with the Academic English program.

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