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Online Individual English

Get ready for a globally valid language certificate with schoolobe!

schoolobe Global English Language School provides English communication skills at international standards.

Apply to your potential mentor for an academic learning experience ranging from beginner to advanced professional level.

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Level Analysis

Mentor Meeting

Schoolobe Levels

English Discoveries

4SKILLS Assessment

Person Analyzing Statistics
Business Consultation
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Start with level analysis to customize the Schoolobe individual English language course and allow for the correct program assignment before the mentor meeting

The most obvious dimension that distinguishes Schoolobe Global English School from other courses is that teachers with academic formation accompany the students. The syllabus, methodology and learning frequencies are determined and supervised by the mentor.

Online English Language School Schoolobe is capable of providing language skills for candidates with no background or advanced knowledge of English. Improve your skills in First Discoveries, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Learn English professionally with English Discoveries, developed by the producer of ETS (Educational Testing Service) TOEFL and TOEIC tests.

Crown your professional language development with a language certificate of international standards.

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