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schoolobe Medical English Course



This course is a unique, interactive and online solution for doctors, nurses, public health workers and other employees in the health sector to improve their English skills. This course consists of 63 health topics designed by experts in the health industry. SCHOOLOBE users will study the conditions and situations surrounding the health fi eld such as writing a medical history, arranging schedules and understanding descriptions of symptoms. They will access the material through multimedia as well as reading, listening, writing and grammar exercises at various levels of English.

Scope of Medical English Course

In Basic Medical English, learners access and make use of oral and written information needed for daily communication in a health care context. A variety of written and multi-media texts contain vocabulary and basic syntactic structures appropriate for learners who require a basic knowledge of medical English.

Your Path to Medical Communication Excellence with the schoolobe Medical English Course

Medical English mastery is your goal for communication success? Look no further than English Discoveries, the distinguished digital platform affiliated with the esteemed online language school, SCHOOLOBE.

About English Discoveries

English Discoveries, a proud member of the SCHOOLOBE family, is the cutting-edge curriculum developed by ETS, the creator of TOEFL and TOEIC tests,  is your portal to achieving aviation communication excellence through our Aviation English Course

Why 'schoolobe' for Medical English

Medical English Curriculum: Our platform offers a specialized curriculum meticulously designed for medical professionals, students, and anyone seeking profi ciency in Medical English. Whether you’re an aspiring doctor, nurse, or researcher, our courses cater to your specifi c needs.


• Cutting-Edge Learning Technology: English Discoveries harnesses the power of state-ofthe- art technology to create an immersive and interactive learning experience. Dive into a world of virtual medical scenarios, audiovisual resources, and real-life case studies.


• Expert Guidance: Benefi t from the wisdom of seasoned medical English instructors who bring their vast knowledge and experience to your fi ngertips. Our team is committed to your success, providing personalized guidance and feedback every step of the way.


• Flexibility: We understand the demands of a medical career. English Discoveries offers fl exible learning options, allowing you to tailor your study schedule to your busy life


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