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schoolobe Academic English Course



Candidates will:

• Gain exposure to a wide range of academic reading texts on different topics

• Practice various reading strategies such as skimming and scanning, summarizing, reading forgist etc.

• Practice a variety of questions used in Academic English examinations

• Enrich their vocabulary and knowledge of idiomatic expressions and discourse markers

• Develop academic essay writing abilities

• Receive explanations of and practice in complex grammatical topics and structures relevant to their level

Scope of Academic Reading Course

12 topic based units:


• Unit 1 Education: The Shape of Schools to Come

• Unit 2 Environment: Need a Ride • Unit 3 Space: Peace in Space

• Unit 4 Psychology: Look Who’s Talking

• Unit 5 Work: Who Needs Managers

• Unit 6 Law and Order: Hackers and Hacking

• Unit 7 Globalization: The Great iPod Debate

Unit 8 Health: Genetically Modifi ed Foods

• Unit 9 Technology: Emerging Technologies"

• Unit 10 Computers: Electronic Trash

• Unit 11 Advertising: Undercover Advertising

• Unit 12 Exams: Copy and Paste ​ Unit Structure


• Academic Reading Component

• Academic Writing Component - odiscursive essays


Advanced Grammar Review Course (optional)


• Four units: Tenses, Parts of Speech 1, Parts of Speech 2, Clauses and More Grammar Points

• Each unit contains approximately 8 Grammar review components (32 in total)

• Components have standard Explore, Practice and Test sections

Your Path to Academic Excellence with the Academic Reading Course

Academic Reading mastery is your goal for academic success? Look no further than English Discoveries, the distinguished digital platform affiliated with the esteemed online language school, SCHOOLOBE.

About English Discoveries

English Discoveries, a proud member of the SCHOOLOBE family, is the cutting-edge curriculum developed by ETS, the creator of TOEFL and TOEIC tests,  is your portal to achieving academic excellence through our Academic Reading Course

Why 'schoolobe'

​• Academic Reading Curriculum: Our platform features a meticulously designed curriculum aimed at sharpening your Academic Reading skills. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or academic professional, our courses are crafted to enhance your ability to comprehend and analyze complex texts.


• Cutting-Edge Learning Technology: English Discoveries; the core curriculum at schoolobe  leverages cutting-edge technology to provide an immersive and interactive learning experience. Dive into a world of engaging academic texts, interactive exercises, and multimedia resources.


• Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom of experienced instructors who bring their wealth of knowledge to your screen. Our team is dedicated to your success, offering personalized guidance and constructive feedback throughout your learning journey.


• Flexibility: Recognizing the demands of academic life, English Discoveries offers flexible learning options, allowing you to adapt your study plan to your academic commitments.


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