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Unveiling Schoolobe Global School of English: A Holistic Approach to Online Language Education

Discover a comprehensive language learning experience with Schoolobe Global School of English, an online platform committed to providing mentor-supported courses with a unique curriculum crafted by ETS – the mastermind behind TOEFL and TOEIC tests. This blog explores the academic prowess of Schoolobe, accentuating its commitment to excellence in language education.

Curriculum Excellence: Schoolobe Global School of English relies on the globally acclaimed English Discoveries curriculum, curated by ETS and recognized as a leading product in over 25 countries. Operating in more than 30 countries, this curriculum covers the CEFR A1-C1 range, offering specialized courses in Medical English, Aviation English, Tourism English, Accounting English, Business English, and Academic English.

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Specialized Courses with Schoolobe Online English Course: Immerse yourself in the world of specialized language courses hosted by Schoolobe, such as the ICAO-approved Aviation English course. These courses aim to cater to the diverse needs of learners, ensuring proficiency in specific fields.

Certification Preparation: Beyond language proficiency, Schoolobe integrates periodic standard tests into its curriculum, strategically preparing candidates for global certifications like TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS. This emphasis aligns with Schoolobe's mission to empower learners for success on an international level.

Mentor Support and Online Learning: Experience a dynamic learning environment with mentor support and live lesson practice through Schoolobe Online English Course. The platform provides a teaching certification backed by foreign instructors, ensuring a well-rounded learning journey for adult learners.

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